Terms of Service

Terms of Service for Immortal Souls Inc. Last updated August 16, 2023


Welcome to ImmortalSouls.org. Before utilizing our services or making any purchases, it’s crucial that you familiarize yourself with and consent to these Terms of Service (ToS). By accessing ImmortalSouls.org or availing of our services, you confirm that you have comprehended and agreed to abide by these ToS.

1. Charitable Donations:

– The proprietors of ImmortalSouls.org contribute 5.5% of all proceeds to charitable causes. At checkout, you have the option to select the charity you wish to support.

2. No Guarantees or Warranties:

– We do not provide any assurances, implications, or promises that the acquisition, viewing, or any interaction with our DSNs will lead to any specific outcome or results.
– Results and experiences with our DSNs will vary among users.

3. Limitation of Liability:

– Neither Immortal Souls Inc. nor its directors, employees, collaborators, agents, vendors, or affiliates can be held accountable for any claims, demands, or damages stemming from user interactions or expectations related to our DSNs.
– Every interaction and transaction are at the discretion and risk of the user.

4. Indemnification:

– You consent to protect, uphold, and absolve ImmortalSouls.org, its proprietors, founders, directors, workers, associates, agents, vendors, or affiliates from any demands, damages, or claims arising from or linked to your interactions or expectations from our DSNs.

5. Use of Digital Soul-Spirit Notes (DSNs):

– DSNs are exclusively for personal usage.
– Misuse of DSNs for dishonest practices, misleading promotions, or any other unauthorized activities is strictly prohibited.

6. No Refund Policy:

– Owing to the digital character of the DSNs, all transactions are conclusive.
– No compensation, swaps, or returns will be entertained after the purchase.

7. Changes to ToS:

– Immortal Souls Inc. maintains the right to revise or adjust these Terms of Service whenever necessary, without advance notification.
– Users must regularly inspect and be updated with the ToS for any alterations.

8. Nature of the Product:

– DSNs (Digital Soul-Spirit Notes) available on our platform are digital art pieces.
– These are digital portrayals and are not associated with any inherent worth or supernatural attributes.

9. Acknowledgment and Acceptance:

– When purchasing any DSNs from ImmortalSouls.org, you recognize and accept the nature of our products and commit not to have any preconceived notions or expectations of specific outcomes.

10. Note Collection:

– We understand the desire for collectors to own the earliest note editions as they appreciate in value over time. This is perfectly acceptable, but we have to limit collection sales to allow other single DSN purchasers access. With this in mind, we only allow the purchase of 5 DSNs from each category per month.