Hi there. Brent here.

Understanding Karma: The Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect

Karma. What’s it about? Let’s break it down.


Karma 101: The Basics

Karma is action. It’s about cause and effect.

You act. There’s a reaction. It’s that simple.


Conscious Actions: The Seeds of Karma

Every conscious act plants a karmic seed.

That seed grows. It shapes your experiences.


Intentions Matter: The Heart of Karma

Intention matters in karma. It fuels your actions.

Positive intentions? They yield positive outcomes. It’s spiritual math.


Reaping What You Sow: The Karmic Harvest

Reap what you sow. That’s karma.

Sow love, reap love. Sow hate, reap hate.


The Key Takeaways

Karma. What’s the rundown?

It’s action and reaction. It’s about planting and harvesting.

But remember intention matters. What you sow, you reap.

So, act with love. Act with kindness. That’s karma, folks. 

That is all. Go in peace 😉