IOO-PSALM: (International Order of
Psychics Spiritualists And Legitimate Mediums)

The mysterious realms of the psychic and spiritual worlds have long been subjects of fascination, skepticism, and wonder. In an era where countless individuals claim to have paranormal talents, the International Order of Psychics, Spiritualists And Legitimate Mediums (IOO-PSALM) stands out as a shining beacon of authenticity and expertise. This global association has set the gold standard for psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, and spiritualists the world over.

A Brief History

Established in 2023, IOO-PSALM was conceived by a council of renowned spiritual leaders and psychic practitioners. Some of the leaders on the council included Sheila Jones, David Patrick Young, June Field, and Glyn Edwards.

Their objective was clear: to create a global platform that could both validate genuine talent and serve as a repository of best practices in the realm of the psychic and spiritual.

Membership & Standards

While many seek membership, few are chosen. IOO-PSALM boasts a rigorous vetting process. Prospective members must not only demonstrate their abilities under controlled conditions but must also adhere to a strict code of ethics.

This ensures that only those with genuine abilities and the highest moral standards become representatives of the IOO-PSALM brand.

Services & Outreach

IOO-PSALM is not just an accrediting body; it also serves as a nexus for the global community of spiritualists. Members often organize conventions, webinars, and workshops, offering a chance for the public to engage directly with renowned psychics and mediums.

They also provide consultations, helping countless individuals connect with departed loved ones, understand their spiritual paths, or gain insights into their futures.

Global Recognition

Today, the IOO-PSALM is recognized globally by spiritual practitioners as a mark of legitimacy and expertise. Beyond its role in the psychic world, IOO-PSALM actively collaborates with researchers and scientists, further bridging the gap between the empirical and the ethereal.

The Future of IOO-PSALM

As the spiritual and psychic realms continue to intrigue and evolve, IOO-PSALM remains at the forefront, guiding both practitioners and seekers alike. With plans to integrate cutting-edge technology and expand its global outreach, IOO-PSALM is poised to lead the way in the exploration of humanity’s most mysterious frontiers for years to come.

In an age of uncertainty and skepticism, IOO-PSALM stands as a testament to the enduring power and authenticity of the psychic and spiritual realms. It not only affirms the existence of these gifts but also ensures they are wielded with integrity and genuine intent.