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Efter två veckor av att bara titta på mitt DSN några gånger om dagen började något mirakulöst hända. Det var som att mina rädslor i livet började lösas upp och jag till slut lämnade en väldigt mörk plats. TACK SÅ MYCKET!!!

(After two weeks of just looking at my DSN a few times a day something miraculous started to happen. It was like my fears in life started dissolving and I finally left a very dark place. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!)
– Anesta in Helsingborg, SE

Meu irmão estava na rua e sofria de problemas graves e nossa família havia tentado de tudo. 3 semanas depois de receber meu DSN, meu irmão apareceu na minha porta e se entregou ao senhor. Louvado seja.

(My brother was on the street and suffering from severe issues and our family had tried everything. 3 weeks after getting my DSN my brother showed up at my door and gave himself to the lord. Praise be.)
– Isabela in Mendoza, AR

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