The Power of Redemption

Lock down your 1st Edition Soul Saving DSN(s) now.

Imagine possessing something so profound it has the power to redeem your soul – to shed any and all transgressions of your past. To RESET your entire being back to your original self – the one you started your earthly journey with. See the world again with the same level of wonderment and fascination, free of guilt. Free of “baggage”, free of pain.

Read our testimonials to see how this DSN has transformed the lives of others.

When you become the custodian of a serialized Soul Saving DSN (view its unique markings here), you’re initiating a journey of soul salvation.

Download and anchor this note on your preferred device, perhaps setting it as wallpaper, serving as a constant reminder of your noble quest.

By simply reflecting on your serialized and registered note once or twice daily for a minimum of 40 days, you summon a force of redemption. This isn’t merely an act; it’s a mission. Your intention starts to envelop the very essence, emotions, and spirit, resonating across both the worldly and the divine spheres.

How it Works

a) Download your 1st Edition DSN on your device, perhaps setting it as wallpaper.

b) View your serialized and registered note once or twice daily for a minimum of 40 days.

Target (Channeling) Options

Your Saved DSN can be used to safeguard your soul, or that of a friend or loved one. The choice is yours. If you are using your DSN to save the soul of someone else, be sure to focus your thoughts on that person each time you observe your DSN.

Embrace the Soul Saved Note and embark on a journey that ports redemption between the earthly realm and the spiritual realm!

Be prepared. This is a life-changing experience.

Download your 1st Edition Soul Saving DSN(s) now.

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NOTE: Above is an animated and watermarked sample. When you receive your serialized note it will be high-res and crystal clear. There are 21-pixel points embedded for authentication purposes. We urge you to avoid purchasing any of our notes secondhand without first sending us the note so we can check for authenticity:


Efter två veckor av att bara titta på mitt DSN några gånger om dagen började något mirakulöst hända. Det var som att mina rädslor i livet började lösas upp och jag till slut lämnade en väldigt mörk plats. TACK SÅ MYCKET!!!

(After two weeks of just looking at my DSN a few times a day something miraculous started to happen. It was like my fears in life started dissolving and I finally left a very dark place. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!)
– Anesta in Helsingborg, SE

Meu irmão estava na rua e sofria de problemas graves e nossa família havia tentado de tudo. 3 semanas depois de receber meu DSN, meu irmão apareceu na minha porta e se entregou ao senhor. Louvado seja.

(My brother was on the street and suffering from severe issues and our family had tried everything. 3 weeks after getting my DSN my brother showed up at my door and gave himself to the lord. Praise be.)
– Isabela in Mendoza, AR

About Our DSNs

Have you ever felt the incredible weight an image can carry?

For us, as mortals navigating the intricacies of life, and even for those souls who have transcended the physical realm, imagery isn’t just powerful – it’s transformative. On the spiritual plane, images often surpass the influence of words. This is precisely why esteemed spiritualists around the world turn to photographs to forge deeper connections with the beyond.

We don’t just recommend – we urge you to embrace our one-of-a-kind DSNs (Digital Soul-Spirit Notes) in your manifestation journey. These notes aren’t mere digital images; they are original, sanctified, and brimming with potent energy. Crafted with a deep-seated intent, they are destined for those genuinely seeking transformation, guidance, and connection.

With our 100% unique note(s) in your grasp, you’re cradling a beacon of change, enlightenment, and profound spiritual connection.

One of a Kind:

Our one-of-a-kind high-resolution DSNs are curated and endorsed by globally acclaimed spiritual and religious practitioners from various continents. Exclusively available at, our distinctive DSNs are the first engravings to hold such power. Each piece is backed and certified by the prestigious IOO-PSALM (International Order Of Psychics Spiritualists And Legitimate Mediums).

Guaranteed Authenticity:

Every note from Immortal Souls is genuine and serialized, crafted with precision. With 21 distinct pixel points (inspired by the 3×7 pattern), our notes ensure absolute authenticity verification. The intricate design of our notes makes them irreplicable. If you encounter a note you believe may be a counterfeit, kindly forward the note to for verification.

I have personally reviewed and approved the content on this page for publication on the website.
Mary L. Summerset MAT
CEO and Co-founder
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Top Markings: Tap or Hover on image to learn more.

Top Markings: Tap or Hover on image to learn more.
Unique Serial Number Accreditation + Purpose of Note Duplication is Prohibited Type

Unique Serial Number

Every note has its own unique serial number.

Accreditation + Purpose of Note

Describing the purpose of the note + Official accreditation from the International Order of Psychics Spiritualists And Legitimate Mediums (IOO-PSALM). English and Latin Version.

Duplication is Prohibited

Duplication of all notes is strictly prohibited. All notes are 100% original and serialized. Each note has 21-pixel points embedded for appraising authenticity. If you have come across any notes you suspect are counterfeit please email us a copy of the image to


The nomenclature (type) of the note. Top in English (CLEANSED), Bottom in Latin (MUNDATUS).

Bottom Markings: Tap or Hover on image to learn more.

Bottom Markings: Tap or Hover on image to learn more.
Serialized and Registered Accreditation Note Series Symbols of Spirituality and Religion

Serialized and Registered

Every note has its own unique serial number which is registered to the original purchaser.


Engraving certified as genuine by and the chairperson of IOO-PSALM (in this case Solendad Johanson). Witnessed by Mary L. Summerset MAT, CEO of

Note Series

DSN series. Soul or Spirit. Read our digital metaphor on the difference between soul and spirit.

Symbols of Spirituality and Religion

At, we value the diverse religions and spiritual entities worldwide. Each has uniquely connected humanity with the spiritual realm over time. By honoring these spiritual paths, we promote understanding and unity, helping individuals bridge to the spiritual depths they seek.