“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience…

we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” 

— Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Our Life-Changing 1st Edition DSNs
The only currency that gives you the power to manifest miracles. Tap or click the DSN type below, choose a serial number, and GO!

“I always thought Ouija boards were freaky when I was a kid. Using my DSN was TIMES A HUNDRED! I became one of the best skaters in our city within a year. I could feel something powerful growing inside me.”
– Luke in Rio de Janeiro, BR

Note to collectors: We can only allow the purchase of 5 DSNs MAX for each category per month. We understand the desire to collect notes due to their appreciation in value but we must ensure all people, in all financial situations, in all currencies, and in all Countries can also have access to our life-changing DSNs.

Channel a soul.

Cleanse a soul.

Protect a soul.

Send a message.

Save a soul.

Receive a message.


I always thought Ouija boards were freaky when I was a kid. Using a DSN was freak X ten. I became one of the best skaters in our city within a year. I could feel something powerful growing inside me.
– Luke in Rio de Janeiro, BR

After two weeks of just looking at my DSN a few times a day something miraculous started to happen. It was like my fears in life started dissolving and I finally left a very dark place. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
– Anesta in Helsingborg, SE

I’ve always been a big believer in the spirit world. I know my DSN triggered something for me. My creativity exploded, and my vision seemed to crystallize. Doubt dissolved.
– Kirby in Sydney, AU

I wasn’t getting anywhere with my dream of being the best at my passion. Something happened inside me when put my DSN on my phone. Maybe just timing, but something happened here. It all started coming together.
– Ian in Liverpool, UK

My wife thought I was crazy. I was surprised at how accurate my medium was. I’ll never forget this feeling as long as I live. Love the detailed artwork too. Very cool.
– Chris in Toronto, Canada

I was going through a tough time in my life and this really helped. I would recommend the IS DSNs if you want to focus your energy for healing.
– Ken in Texas, USA

I missed my husband so desperately and I just had to try this. The medium I got was very talented, and I know that was my Bert talking to me. I’m overwhelmed with emotion. Thank you so much.
– Karen in Dublin, IE

I have not written many reviews in my life. I had to write this one. This was a truly amazing experience. I would recommend this to anyone. Thank you IS!!
– Allen in Miami, USA

How it Works
Accessing the spiritual realm with the power of imagery and intention.
With our 100% unique note(s) in your grasp, you’re cradling a beacon of change, enlightenment, and profound spiritual connection.

Step 1.

Understand the uniqueness and significance of these DSNs. Our high-resolution DSNs are curated by globally renowned spiritual figures, and they are the first engravings that boast such spiritual potency.

Step 2.

Choose a DSN that resonates with you. These pieces are not just any ordinary engravings; each is backed and certified by the prestigious IOO-PSALM (International Order Of Psychics Spiritualists And Legitimate Mediums).

Step 3.

Once you’ve chosen the DSN type and specific serial number you want, proceed to purchase your selected DSN. At this point, you will be given instant download access to your unique one-of-a-kind high-resolution DSN.

Step 4.

After purchasing, install your DSN in a space where you can view it daily, such as wallpaper on your device. Let it serve as a daily reminder of change, enlightenment, and a profound spiritual connection.

Step 5.

By interacting with your DSN each day, be open to the spiritual growth and change it brings.

Embrace the transformation and the deep connection it fosters within you.

Guaranteed Authenticity:

Every note from Immortal Souls is genuine and serialized, crafted with precision. With 21 distinct pixel points (inspired by the 3×7 pattern), our notes ensure absolute authenticity verification. The intricate design of our notes makes them irreplicable. If you encounter a note you believe may be counterfeit, kindly forward the note to for verification.

The Power of Imagery and Intention

The combination of imagery, religious symbols, spiritual symbols, and individual intentions holds immense power due to the following reasons:

1. Transcendent Nature of Imagery: While humans rely heavily on verbal communication, imagery is a universal language that transcends boundaries. The text suggests that imagery is not just powerful but transformative, hinting at its ability to evoke profound emotions, memories, and spiritual experiences.

2. Influence on the Spiritual Plane: Within the spiritual realm, images can be more impactful than words. Symbols, whether religious or spiritual, often carry deep meanings and histories that resonate with the collective consciousness. When individuals connect with these symbols, they are tapping into ancient energies and wisdom.

3. Use by Esteemed Spiritualists: The fact that spiritual leaders and practitioners around the world utilize photographs and symbols as tools underscores their potency. By using such imagery, spiritualists aim to bridge the gap between the physical and the ethereal, forging deeper connections with the spiritual realm.

4. Amplification with Intentions: When imagery and symbols are combined with individual intentions, it can amplify their power. Intention is a potent force in manifestation, and when aligned with powerful symbols, it can channel energies more effectively towards the desired outcome.

5. Interconnection of Realms: The combination of imagery and intention suggests a symbiotic relationship between our physical world and the spiritual realm. By tapping into this connection, individuals might be able to influence and manifest outcomes in real life with the help of spiritual energies.

In essence, the amalgamation of powerful imagery, symbols, and personal intentions creates a conduit through which individuals can engage and interact with the spiritual realm, potentially bringing about tangible manifestations in the physical world.

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Mary L. Summerset MAT
CEO and Co-founder
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